Sunday, 30 November 2014

Curing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & My Modern Doctors Rant

I thought i would do a blog post on my thoughts about the way current doctors treat most individuals with health problems such as CFS(Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)/ME(myalgic encephalomyelitis).

If doctors actually properly evaluated these patients health, i feel they would find a number of factors which contribute to these individuals health problems, however the problem is most modern doctors don't care to check for these causative factors.  This is why so many individuals are going down the route of going to intregrative nutritionists and alternative practitioners with there health problems, because western medicine is severely limited in its ability to effectively treat many of these conditions such as CFS.

Many doctors rely far too heavily on basic blood work as an indicator of a patients health, which as we know isn't always reliable.  This brings me to the fact that blood serum testing for many nutrients is also very inaccurate and only really shows what is currently circulating in the blood, rather than showing true intracellular levels.

As such many individuals with severe deficiencies in nutrients such as magnesium or zinc often go undiagnosed.  Take Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME for example, studies show that zinc is a common deficiency in individuals with CFS and that levels directly correlate to the level of immune dysfunction and the severity of the condition. 

Its not surprising considering how critical zinc is for health, including proper function of the immune system.  However most doctors won't even bother checking an individuals serum zinc levels, let alone red blood cell zinc.

Another common deficiency which scientific studies find to be common in individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome is the mineral magnesium.  Magnesium is again another vital nutrient, heavily involved in the production of ATP, so again its not surprising that severe deficiencies can cause low energy and vitality.  Blood serum magnesium is again not a reliable indicator of true intracellular levels, red blood cell has been shown to be much more accurate.

This is why western medicine will never find a "cure" for conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, because there are so many different factors which can cause CFS and these type of health problems, which tend to come with a myriad of generic symptoms.

Some common factors include sub-optimal adrenal gland function and hpa-axis dysregulation, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, thyroid disorders, nutrient deficiencies and anemia, methylation disorders, gut flora imbalances and opportunistic infections such as candida overgrowth, heavy metal toxicity, genetic bio-chemical defects such as kryptopyrrole disorder(pyroluria), viral infections, increased intestinal permeability(leaky gut syndrome) and so on.

However as someone who has been through CFS and has endured the whole rigamrole with western doctors and the incompetence of most general practitioners, i can bet than they don't test for any or most of the above.  These are not insignificant factors as the studies show.  Its very easy to get frustrated with the incompetence and lack of knowledge that most general practitioners provide.

In fact depending on how old school and out-dated your doctor is, you might even be told your health problems are just all "in your head" and that all you need is anti-depressant medication.  This isn't an uncommon way to be treated for individuals with "hard to treat" health problems such as CFS/ME, fibromyaglia, multiple sclerosis and other auto-immune disorders.

However as i began to do more tests i found that i did have many of the under-lying factors such as adrenal insufficiency/low cortisol, heavy metal toxicity, leaky gut syndrome and pyroluria, which is a common genetic defect that is thought to effect up to 10% of the population and again goes heavily under-diagnosed.  

The truth is, if you have any of the above factors contributing to your health problems, then you will likely not achieve better health or a full cure until they are addressed.  Which brings me to the fact that many individuals with CFS and these type of health problems never get well, which is a sad reality.  In fact western medicine claims there is no cure for conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, but i don't agree in the slightest.

There is no cure with what modern medicine is currently offering individuals with these type of health problems, ill fully agree with that.  However the reason there is no cure is because these doctors are not going to the effort to diagnose and detect what root factors are contributing to an individuals CFS, unless of course its a fairly common factor such as iron deficiency and anemia, which will show up on general blood work.  Anything slightly more "out of the ordinary" and you will be looking to do your own diagnostic work im afraid, unless of course you have a good doctor, which are in the rarity i feel.

Anti-depressant medications such as the SSRI's are the most common treatment recommended to those with CFS/ME and in my opinion they are a very shoddy patch up job at best.  These anti-depressant medications come with serious side effects and simply don't work for many individuals because the root causes are still not addressed. 

So whilst you may be experiencing less anxiety and are more numb as a result of the citalopram or prozac, the secondary metabolic health problems still remain and as such you never truly achieve wellness, the issues that remain can range from digestive problems to endocrine disorders.  I call these anti-depressant medications "patch-up" jobs because that's all that they are for most and in many causes the wrong type of patch up for there health problems.  These anti-depressants also come with the risk of serious side effects, which include the possibility of developing permanent sexual dysfunction as in the case of the SSRI medications.

Anyone suffering these type of health problems such as CFS should research into Dr Lawrence Wilson and his nutritional balancing information, hes has many great lifestyle and diet tips which can really help these type of health conditions.

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