Thursday, 28 May 2015

Organic, Raw Durian (Freeze-Dried) InSpiral Review

Just received my Organic Raw Durian (Freeze-Dried) Chunks from Natu Health Store and thought id do a review on them.

I have been wanting to try Durian for as long as i can remember, so i have been looking forward to reviewing this superfruit and taking some pictures for the blog.

Manufactured by InSpiral, these Organic, Whole, Raw Durian Chunks are freeze dried with nothing added.  They are also gluten-free, GMO-free, no added sugar, no MSG or artificial additives.

Closer look at InSpirals Organic, Raw Durian(Freeze-Dried) Chunks.

A connoisseurs treat, this stinky fruit is our indisputable favorite – intensely sweet, yet with a multitude of unidentifiable flavor notes that take the taste buds on a magical journey.

Hailed in the South Est Asia as the “king of fruits” where they say “when the durians come down, the sarongs go up!”


The consistency is almost like the inside of a crunchy chocolate bar, the honeycomb portion.  Very sweet, with some almost onion and sulfur tones to it, its easy to see how some get addicted to eating Durian.

I must make it my mission to try fresh Durian when i finally visit Asia next year, as well as the other exotic fruits they produce such as mangosteen and jackfruit.

I expect i will be purchasing much more of these freeze-dried raw durian as they are very moreish.  I will be playing about with some recipes soon involving the freeze dried durian fruit chunks and raw chocolate, i think they would go very well together.  Raw chocolate durian chunks coming soon.

For more information or to purchase these Organic, Raw Durian (Freeze-Dried) Chunks, check out Natu Health Store at – Organic Raw Superfoods

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