Thursday, 28 May 2015

Raw Chocolately Supefood Granola Bites Review

Today more delicious raw foods landed on my door step from our recent purchase with Natu Health.

So i thought we’d do a review on the Raw Chocolately Superfood Granola which is produced by InSpiral.

Raw Chocolately Superfood Granola is a delicious mixture of wholefood clusters, which are Certified Organic, Vegan, RAW, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Cholesterol-Free, Trans-Fat Free, GMO-Free, No Added Cane Sugar and No MSG or Artificial Additives.

Closer look at the Inspiral Chocolatey Superfood Bites.

InSpiral’s own luxurious raw cacao chocolate mix, sweet fruits of appledate and sultanaomega-rich seeds, nuts and whole grains, all make perfect Chocolatey granola bites; all slow-dried for optimum nutrition and sustained energy. Each flavour granola bite has its own unique superfood content and the whole mix is dehydrated at low temperatures for a truly optimum gourmet experience

inSpiral’s Chocolatey Superfood Granola Bites are the ultimate organic fitness food, complete with seven vegan protein sources. The perfect, guilt-free ‘on-the-go snack’, straight out of the compostable bag.

InSpiral Organic Granola Bites contain ancient unrefined whole grains and natural dried flavours from fruits, roots and green shoots! You’ll find none of the trans fats or artificial flavours often associated with mainstream sweet treats and other convenience/processed foods and snacks. 

In fact our finished products are still ‘raw’ because we haven’t cooked/baked them! Raw food provides the body with enzymes and nutrients that are destroyed once ingredients are heated above 42°C. We think this makes them perfect for children, adults – and just about everyone else!

They taste brilliant, the raw chocolate isn’t too overpowering and it adds a nice sweetness to the clusters.

These raw chocolately superfood granola clusters are very versatile snack and also go great with milk to make a healthy cereal.  Perfect for those looking for a gluten-free breakfast option, which is also raw, vegan and healthy.

Great as a raw vegan breakfast cereal.

Priced very well at £1.39, which i would say is great value for a healthy raw food snack.  They also have a 9 month shelf life, so perfect for keeping on hand.

Ingredients – buckwheat, sultanas, dates, apples, almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut palm sugar, raw cacao powder, raw cacao butter, raw cacao paste, chia seeds, flax seeds, lucuma powder, xylitol, millet, quinoa, vanilla and Himalayan crystal salt.

For more information or to purchase, check out Natu Health Store at – Raw Superfood Granola

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