Thursday, 27 August 2015

Holland & Barretts Pick & Mix Review

After a visit to one of the newer branches of Holland and Barrett's which has opened recently in the town center, i noticed they had added a "Pick & Mix" section in the store which offers an assortment of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and other snack foods that you can make a snack bag up of.

Personally i think the addition of an old style pick and mix sort of in the mould of what Woolworth's was for sweets, but for healthy foods is a genius way to get people adding more natural wholefoods to their diet. 

There are many different healthy snack foods you can pick from including dried fruit, nuts, seeds, yogurt-coated wholefoods, gluten-free crisp snacks and more.

For my bag i picked some of my favorite natural wholefoods that make great nutritious snacks when im travelling.

Some of my choices included goji berries, goldenberries also known as inca berry(rich source of Pectin), figs, pumpkin seeds, golden raisins, pecans, almonds, red peanuts and sunflower seeds.

The stand-out for me was the dried figs, which are one of my favorite foods from Holland and Barrett and you can purchase them on their website.

The price came to £4.10 for 0.256g bag, which i thought was a little on the steep side.  A fairer price would have been £3.49 or something around that price range for the amount of eating involved.

(My Holland & Barrett "Pick & Mix" Bag)

Holland and Barrett are the leading health food store in the United Kingdom, selling a range of natural products including vitamins, minerals, supplements, wholefoods, herbal teas and more.

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